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Attended a class in the spring at another training field with Whitney and Jason. I credit Whitney with getting me to ride an obstacle I hadn't dared to tackle in 2 years of seeing it. That day at least a dozen girls rode it ahead of me without even blinking and I couldn't even get close to it. When I asked Whitney to take a minute and spot me on it just 1:1, he took the time to break away, gave me a few pointers and voila, of course, I did it just fine. That in turn enabled me to try bigger and harder things that again I'd never ridden. A lot of knowledge and skill behind the coaching, and also a big heart and desire to see you succeed. If you want to get to that next level, go train with these guys.  I highly recommend them! !

-Motoflicka /

Our 5 year old daughter Bryn took the beginner class with Jason. I can't thank him enough for his patience and excellent teaching skills. She's now hooked and has her own PW50 and can't wait to take another class. Troy

-Troy H. 49 / Edmonds

My son, age 12, and I spent a day with Dirt First. He's new to cycling, so started in the beginner class. I've ridden street bikes for most of my life, so joined group 2. The training was fantastic. Joseph had never ridden before; by the end of the day, he was shifting gears, executing sharp turns, and doing a little trail riding. Great teachers. For myself, I learned that dirt bikes are entirely different than what I had grown accustomed to. The balance is different, turning is different; lots of new physics to learn, and this course was the perfect intro. 5 out of 5. Outstanding.

-Chris a. 60 / Mukilteo

I haven’t ridden a Motorcycle on any type of dirt for over 40 years, until taking the Dirt First Course at the 2018 Touratech Rally West. What an assume experience it was, my friend Gary invited me and set me up with the Dirt First class. The Instructors were amazing teaching the techniques needed to ride dirt and also help on the street riding. My dirt riding skills were way off mark, until Jason started teaching us the basics. I’ve been around a lot of instructors in my days, I have to say Jason is among the top 5. He was very professional and was top notch in his teaching skills. If you are learning to ride Dirt Bikes or even been riding for a while. I highly recommend you take a course with these guys. You will not only learn valuable skills, you will have a blast. Thanks Dirt First for a great experience!!! Earl Faulk, Olympia, WA

-Earl F. 56 / Olympia

I had a great time learning a lot of new information to help transfer some of my "seasoned " street abilities over to off road. A very humbling experience ; ) but that is exactly why I decided to take the Level II class to gather more information and experience to become a better/safer rider while out on my adventure rides. Our groups instructor Jason was very hands on, informative, encouraging making sure everyone understood the principles that were being taught! I will definitely be looking forward to the next class that I will be able to take.

-Gary P. 58 / Tulalip

Thank you so much for your class. I learned soooo much! What made the difference for me was when you went to each of us, held the bike and got us to feel the correct position for ourselves. Being “up on the bike” has a whole new look for me now and it’s helped tremendously with my control. 
I went out with my husband, Nikki (took the class with me) and her husband after class. I practiced the whole way and could notice the difference in myself by the end. So much more confidence on this bike now and it’s thanks to you. 
Keep doing what you do so we’ll for others because we appreciate it so much!
Thanks again for a great experience,

-Kathy D. /

I did the Level 1 Course with Dirt First and was honestly a bit nervous before arriving. I had always just been a passenger and really wanted to see what it was like being in the driver seat for a change. Having zero and I mean zero knowledge of the most basic workings of a bike, I thought I wouldn't accomplish too much my first try. I couldn't have been more wrong!! I arrived not knowing where the clutch was or how to turn on a bike and left with experience in shifting, braking, body positioning, slow and stand up tight turns. The most valuable thing this dynamic duo gives you with this course aside from the vast knowledge and tips is safety, from the start and in every facet of what you learn with them. I have already signed up for another course. Thank you guys!!

-Ashlee . 34 / Seattle

I have less than 200 miles on my first motorcycle and it was suggested that by a very experienced rider that I take Whitney's class at DBST. I spent most of the day with Whitney yesterday, and I can say that Whitney is an unusually gifted instructor. We executed a series of drills, which were reinforced by a series of trail rides, which significantly scaled up my riding. I walked away with far better skills than those with which I walked in. I also walked away with legs that felt like jello and that continue to burn today. I'm confident that whatever your level of riding experience the folks at DBST will be able to help you scale up. I look forward to returning with more questions after more real world experience and leveling up further. We're very fortunate here in the general Western Washington area to have this great training resource so close by. Gerry Z

-Gerry Z. 58 / Bellevue, WA

I have known Whitney and Jason for some time and have ridden and trained with both.  They are both amazing dirt riders and are out riding and participating in many events within the community.  They are also wonderful rider coaches and are patient, knowledgeable and have the ability to help you greatly improve your riding skills.

I highly recommend, no matter what level of skills you posses, to get with them to build your skill level and become even a better rider both on and off road.  They don't teach "on-road" curriculum but I honestly feel that off-road training will hugely benefit you on the street.  In fact, I think it is beneficial for new riders to get some off-road training before they venture out on the street.  Hope to see you out on the trails.

-Tracy J. 41 / Mercer Is.

This class was phenomenal, and I believe that every dirt rider should be required to take this course. Going into this, I was incredibly nervous. I have never driven any motorized vehicle (except for a go-kart) before this, much less one with a manual transmission. The instructors took it slow, and by the end of the class, I was able to drive the bike (obviously), get over hills, turn a still bike around, brake hastily, go down hills, and use the clutch to modulate speed — all that in a day's work.

What truly amazed me, however, is when they pulled a student out of the group because they were struggling to drive the bike. She was falling over and over and couldn't get the hang of it. By the end of the day, she was able to drive the motorcycle. While she may not have learned as much as the rest, she got the basics. Believe me, if you saw how she was riding at the start of the day, you would think she was a different person by the end of it. The actions of the instructors show the dedication of these instructors and the fact that they indeed do this to help & educate others, instead of doing it just for the money. I would most certainly recommend this course.

-Erik V. 14 / Washington

Had so much fun with Jason and Whitney! Those guys really know their stuff, and teaching an old horse new tricks can be a real disaster, but I had a great time. Ladies, these guys can teach women without all that macho stuff that makes us uncomfortable. If you're thinking of taking a class, my advice is: Don't Wait! Once you take their class, you can't look at a dirt trail and not think to yourself "I want to ride that!" Thanks again, guys, I'll be taking another class of yours when I want to better my skills. :)

-Vicky S. 55 / Tri-Cities, WA

Jason is an amazing instructor. He nails it with clear objectives, clear directions, over all logical progression of exercises, quick recognition of a need act when we needed corrective action (including taking breaks). And in particular I liked how he was firm with me when I was doing something dangerous, and didn't realize it! It takes a strong and confident instruction to bring levity and firmness to a training like this. Thank you so much!

-Nicholas R. 51 / Kenmore

Took the ADV class with Jason. I thought it was better to learn on my Africa Twin, since that was what I would be riding. After watching me ride it for a few minutes, Jason recommended trying a few things on a smaller bike. I was immediately more comfortable and confident. I elected to stay on the smaller bike all day. I recently went on a ride with my Africa Twin and found the training I received on the smaller bike was immediately transferable and made me a much better and more confident rider. Thanks to Jason and his training.

-Mark S. 59 / Puyallup

Grew up with a dirt bike that I rode daily. Stopped riding dirt in my late teens. Got back into riding street more than 10 years ago and ride a lot. All that adds up to YEARS of bad habits for riding dirt the way it should be ridden to be safe. Enter Dirt Bike Safety Training with Jason and Carrie. We rode at the site near Tulalip and I can't recommend it enough. The dirt there is magic. The most confidence inspiring possible. And that doesn't mention the real jewels! The instructors were fun and engaging. They made me want to practice a skillset even though it was challenging. Just sign up for the appropriate class for you. And practice after you go!

-Paul K. 44 / 98290

I completed the 2-day ADV training class on my BMW 1250 GSA this past weekend and it definitely pushed me beyond my comfort zone, in a very good way. Day 1 was spent getting used to riding dirt in a controlled and safe environment. Jason’s coaching was hands-on, direct and very supportive. I left the day tired and sore but feeling good about my progress. Day 2 was a glorious sunny day riding forest service roads in the Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest. There were some very challenging sections that Jason was able to coach me through when I was doubting my ability to make it. I made it to the top and was very happy I persevered and was able to complete the ride. I now have skills and knowledge that I can utilize both on and off the road that will make me a safer rider. I feel much more confident when my bike loses traction and I know how to react, and more importantly how the bike will react, in those situations. I highly recommend this course to anyone that wants to improve their overall riding skills and get more comfortable riding in the dirt.

-Mark R. 60 / Bothell

6 hour private lesson with Jason, on DBST bike, to prepare for an adventure bike outing. Logical, building block instruction, clearly communicated. Terrific experience; planning on following up with several additional Group II sessions.

-George M. 75 / Friday Harbor

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