Classes we offer for our riders.

Dirt Bike Safety Training, LLC offers rider training every week, 365 days a year, weather permitting. Our main training facility is conveniently located in Snohomish County, but we have access to 8 different facilities around the Pacific Northwest and into Canada. Future dates can be made available as well for individuals or groups. If you don’t see a date on the calendar that may work best for you, please call us and we may be able to arrange that date. All classes require reservations in advance.

  • Level 1
    Basic Skills

    Class with our bike: $320
    Class with your bike: $195
  • This course is designed for the true novice and introduces you to the controls and operation in a low stress and supportive, off-road environment. DBST, LLC can provide motorcycles and keeps class sizes small. This course gives you the tools to advance to the next level.
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  • Level 2
    Skill Builder

    Class with our bike: $395
    Class with your bike: $265
  • This course is designed for current dirt riders as well as street, dual sport, and adventure riders. You will learn valuable and practical skills that prepare you for the world of riding off-road. You will learn skills required to conquer terrain you may encounter such as sand, rocks, hills, logs, and ruts.
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  • Level 3
    Advanced Training

    Class with your bike: $275
    Class Bikes are not available
  • Advanced dirt bike rider training curriculum will help you develop your extreme terrain riding skills. If you are experiencing trouble mastering a skill, having difficulty riding tough single track trails, or getting poor race results, our expert instructors will help you learn and practice the technical skills you need to improve your performance.
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  • Private Coaching

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  • With private coaching you will get the full and undivided attention from one of our qualified instructors. Focus on you and your skills to take your riding to the next level. Available for all ages and skill levels.
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  • Motocross Training

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  • Learn and ride with Gary Strode and get the best training available.
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  • ADV Training

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  • The key to riding big Dual Sport and Adventure motorcycles. Click to find more.
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  • Ladies Only

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  • Removing intimidation and anxiety, these classes promote a safe, encouraging, and fun environment in the company of other women.
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  • Youth Summer

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  • For beginners and novice level youth. Learning to ride with us first, sets the foundation for safe effective and efficient riding for years to come.
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  • Military, Veterans,
    & Law Enforcement

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  • Contact us about special events for armed forces, veterens, and law enforcement. Our instructors are former military and support our nation's men and women in arms.
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  • Moto Training
    Birthday Parties

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  • Memorable birthday experience for family and friends
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