2-Day ADV Touratech Training and Self-Guided Tour Experience powered by ADV Rider Safety Training.

World Class Rider Training

Be Better On Your Bike

Get ready to ride your bucket list BDR!

2-Day ADV Training Camp & Self-Guided Tour designed specifically to prepare riders for the exciting world of ADV Off-road.

Our ADV Training Camp teaches from a scientific point of view.  We specialize in understanding the ergonomics of off-road motorcycles and the biomechanics of your body position to achieving the very best of results.  Very important!!!

Day 1:  Saturday.  ADV Training Camp at the Maryville, Wa site to prepare you for any adventure.

Day 2: Sunday. Train while you ride! Join us on a self-guided ride through some of the most beautiful scenic forests of the Mt Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest and end your day victoriously through our ADV Off-road obstacle course challenge.  Please note:  DBST, LLC day 2 training itinerary is subject to change based on weather conditions, for safety reasons. 

You will experience why ADV Rider Safety Training by DBST, LLC has earned the name, World Class Training and the partnership with Touratech USA!

Come learn why our (V) of traction methods help our riders gain incredible results of control, build the highest of confidence and experience considerably less fatigue while riding on or off-road.

What you will learn from Dirt First Washington by DBST, LLC.  www.advridersafetytraining.com

·         Learn how the ergonomics of your Adventure bike and correct body position will control the outcome of your best results.

·         Proper sitting corners.

·         Proper power braking.

·         How to keep your body centered on your adventure bike for maximum results.

·         Proper standing turns.  Learn to lean your adventure bike with confidence.

·         Learn the 3 ways of how to turn your adventure bike with confidence.

·         Proper hill climbing while controlling the modulation of your clutch and throttle.

·         Proper body position while side-hilling your adventure bike.

·         How to confidently ride your adventure bike through single track trails.

·         The 3 axis of movement on your adventure bike for ultimate control.

·         Traction control and hand placement.

2-Day ADV Touratech Training and Self-Guided Tour Experience powered by ADV Rider Safety Training.

Jul 20th